Project Description

Be Happy with your Nails and let the experts at NU:U look after you…..full range of Manicure, Pedicure and Acrylic Treatments available.
Manicure- conditioning and nourishing treatment working cuticles back, cutting and filing nails, finishing with a massage and nail paint. 40 min apt
French manicure- as above but finished with nails painted with white tips for a natural look. 45 min apt
Pedicure- spa bath soak, including cuticles worked back and trimmed, smoothing of hard skin, finished with massage and cutting, filling and painted toe nails. 45 min apt
Gelish- cut and shape ,hard wearing colour or french overlay of chipping last 2-3 weeks, 45 min apt
Gelish soak off – removal of gelish takes 15 min a manicure is recommended after this apt but not essential, a reapplication of gel is perfect after a soak off.
Bio sculpture gel over lay – hard wearing colour for nails that lasts 2-4 weeks. Takes 1 1/2 hours.
Acrylic extensions- nail enhancement to lengthen nails, lasts 2-3 weeks apt takes up to 2 hours.
Acrylic infill- maintenance of acrylic nail extensions- up to 2 hour apt
Acrylic soak off- removal of nail extension takes up to 1 hour…. A manicure is recommended after this apt but not essential.


  • Mini Manicure (file & Paint) …..from £10.00
  • Mini Pedicure (file & paint) ….. from £10.00
  • Manicure…..from £18.00
  • French Manicure…..from £20.00
  • Pedicure…..from £22.00
  • Gelish*…..from £24.00
  • Gelish Soak Off…..from £5.00
  • Biosculpture Gel Overlays…..from £30.00
  • Acrylic Extensions…..from £37.00
  • Acrylic Infills…..from £35.00
  • Acrylic Soak Off…..from £10.00
  • Nail Repair, Tip or Replacement…..from £3.00
  • *Nail colours that last for weeks without chipping